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As the color causing feeling of rest because blackness does not irritate our feelings, black color was recognized as a symbol of atonement of sins. On some medieval miniatures Christ is dressed in a black dress, especially, when he cures patients or he in the desert is tempted by a devil.

Distemper (from Italian – to mix paints) – painting by paints in which binding substance is most often the emulsion from water and an egg yolk, is more rare – from the vegetable or animal glue divorced on water with addition of oil or an oil varnish. Color and tone in the works written by distemper possess incomparably bigger resistance to external influences and keep initial freshness much more long in comparison with paints of oil painting.

Acquaintance in a form, bright and available to children, to folk art puts in them figurative art representations, develops the creative beginning, i.e. those qualities which promote intensive formation of the personality, enrich it spiritually, form moral senses, outlook.

At the time of Christmas in the sky the new star was lit. Its bright light was seen around the world, saw it and magicians wise men from east countries. Having taken with itself gifts: gold, an incense and Smyrna, wise men went to bow to Christ. The star specified by it a way to the Bethlehem cave.

According to the Gospel, Christ was born in the city of Bethlehem located in Judah where Maria and her husband Josef as there passed population census went from Nazareth. The cave in which there was a shed was the birthplace of Christ. Maria swaddled the son and put him in a day nursery near which there were an ox and a donkey.

The need for esthetic pleasure for human life takes an important place. Thanks to this need of people seeks to make the life beautiful – the life, rest, the relationship with other people, defines all the acts of people from a position fine, from a position of the moral principles. The perception of esthetic values actually and in art improves the personality, ennobles her, opens beauty of world around.

The blue color designating the sky and eternal youth indicated contemplate life of eremites and monks. As blue of air perishes in the bottomless desert of space and as if deceives the person, blue color became a symbol of change and a lie. Judas at the time of the treacherous kiss has a blue attire over which will throw with a yellow raincoat. The devil was represented with a blue body and a red face.