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Construction or reconstruction of shops, factories, installations on complex processing of raw materials, dumps and slags, allocation of capital investments on these purposes, definition of date of completion of transition of the specified enterprises for the work providing complex use of minerals.

Inhabited massifs, the industrial enterprises and other objects have to be placed so that to exclude adverse influence of harmful factors on health and sanitary living conditions of life of the population.

For reduction of losses of minerals at their production and processing, and also preventions of environmental pollution by production wastes. Vnedreiye more effective ways and systems of development of the mineral deposits and technological schemes of processing of mineral raw materials providing the fullest, complex and economically expedient extraction from a subsoil of stocks of the main and together with them the lying minerals, and also use of the components containing in them having industrial value.

The most important problem from all considered earlier - a problem waters. One of the main tasks is regulation of the water relations for ensuring rational use of waters for needs of the population and a national economy. Besides there are also other tasks:

I consider that an environmental problem one of the most important problems of mankind. Depends on the solution of this problem buduy all planet. And already now people have to understand and take it active part in fight for a preservation of peace.

Now in the world a large number of the ecological organizations fighting for rescue of environment is. But the most numerous of them - "GREENPEACE". Members of this organization are not only ordinary people, but also also many celebrities. These people bring a feasible contribution in common cause. Also they are not simply scattered by words and slogans, and take active part on protection of the nature. For example (I will give two examples from their activity):

- irrigating and obvodnitelny systems, reservoirs and channels before carrying out the actions provided by projects preventing flooding, flooding, bogging, salinization of lands and an erosion of soils;

By granting the land plots under construction, the statement of norms of design, site plannings and building of settlements, commissioning of houses, buildings of cultural and community appointment, industrial and other enterprises and constructions the obligatory conclusion of bodies of sanitary and epidemiologic service is required.

Also in many countries the environmental problem is on the first place, but alas in not our country, at least earlier, but now to it start giving more and more attention, new emergency measures are taken:

To take measures of prevention of pollution of internal sea and territorial waters and the high sea oil, oil products and other substances, unhealthy people or for live resources of the sea, owing to dumping or losses by vessels and other watercrafts of the specified substances and mixes containing these substances.

At design and a city building and settlements of city type have to be provided: water supply, sewerage, devices of street coverings, gardening, lighting, ensuring sanitary cleaning and other types of improvements.