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The analysis of regional situation in energy industry, and also an ecological state of environment in sanatorium zones, testifies to technical capability and economic feasibility of wider use for heat supply of the existing buildings and constructions of NVIE for the purpose of economy of heat and fuel on the existing heatsources.

The best example of use of such systems is Dominican Republic where 2 thousand houses have the photo-electric installations designed in the last 9 years. The cost of such installation is 2 thousand a dale.

Now keen interest in use in various branches of economy of the nonconventional renewables (NR) is around the world observed. Rough discussion about a choice of ways of development of power is conducted. It is connected, first of all, with the growing need of environmental protection.

Now the crisis state of power is characterized in the first by big debts of consumers on payment of coal, gas, oil products, and thermal energy. Only for an the debt makes over 2,5 bln. dollars. Thus the most reliable payer is the population which about 70% of the consumed energy and 80% of cost of the used gas.

Now in structure of heat supply boiler installations — 62% have the greatest specific weight, the share of thermal power plants makes 33%, installations — 4,8%, other of heat (0,2%) is carried out by other installations. Thermal power of the makes 132,8 thousands. GDZh/h, - 708,9 thousands. GDZh/h.

Thus, makes necessary capital investments in development and construction of VEU of low power respectively: 4,03; 4,86; 6,57 million UAH, except ­ for this period make the cost of construction work - 1,4 million UAH.

justification of a resource-source of raw materials; drawing up inventories of perspective fields, the list of wells which showed existence of geothermal resources; statement of tasks of the organization of search prospecting works;

Giving a priority to increase of efficiency of use of energy resources, it is possible "to unload" substantially the investment component necessary for maintenance of volumes of production of own TER, and considerably to improve an ecological situation in the region, having reduced number of harmful emissions in the atmosphere.

- development of justifications, design and creation of a network of geothermal of small power (0,5-3,0 MW) which would work on the basis of an of separate highly productive wells at low-power and the maximum unification of the equipment (creation of block and modular installations of a factory support);

Development of the project of a solar power station of tower type, building of 15 30 - 300 kW heliopower installations introduction of technologies on use of energy of biomass and geothermal energy were recognized as the most important achievement of the first two research and development programs.

introduction of steam-gas combined heat and power plants with utilization of heat according to the scheme of high-temperature and heaters on the basis of the and import equipment, in, introduction of steam-gas combined heat and power plants according to the scheme of high-temperature heaters at intra cyclic gasification of coal on steam-air blasting, and also with steam generators with the boiling layer;