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On Ural River tens irrigating constructions - Naryn, Baksay, Primorsk, etc. are constructed. From the Urals the water supply system to Embinsky oil fields is laid. The Urals are convenient for navigation. The sturgeon, a starred sturgeon, a sazan, a catfish, a pike perch, the bream, a perch, are found in the Urals.

The flora was created rather recently and differs in diversity of a vegetable cover. Each part of the territory - seaside, deltas of the rivers, steppe zones and a zone of sand - are characterized by the vegetable communities. In prideltovy sites the meadow type, and in the central part - desert prevails

In general in flora of the pool of Shalkar more than ten rare, generally cretaceous endemik – a smolevka, a toadflax, a bur grass, a nagalovatka Kyrgyz, a pupavka Kornukh – Trotsky, Marshall's cornflower, Shrenk's tulip and others is about 600 species of the higher plants, including.