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In view of the fact that appliances of my father were very poor, to us to work, being employed on day and for any other work when opportunity was presented to us. Sometimes we worked at home, sometimes — in the regions, and such work we could our quite tolerable existence.

After that messages I saw that light in the room to gather round the one who said with me that until in all room did not become again dark, except for only round him, and here suddenly I saw as if the pass which opened directly to the sky in which it, rising absolutely disappeared, and my assumed that air in what it was before emergence of this heavenly light.

The purpose of my address to the Lord consisted in that, to learn what of all sects was correct that I could join it. And could speak to as soon as I regained self-control again, I asked the Persons standing over me among light, what of all sects correct (because at that time I never in heart we wash that all of them are wrong and to what of them I have to.

"Because the day flaring as the furnace both all haughty yes, here will come and all will angrily burn down as straw because what will come them, recht the Lord Savaof so there will be at them neither root nor branches.

The first that I can — it is the voice appealing to me and calling me by name. Having looked up, I saw the same messenger, over me and, as before, surrounded with light. He again repeated to me all that was told me in the last night, and enjoined to go to my father and to to it about the vision and received by me.

Having cleared away the earth, I took a stick and, having inserted it under edge of a stone, by small effort lifted it. Having looked inside, I really saw sheets, Urim and Tummim and a breast board there — everything as it was told me by the messenger. The box in which they are, was built from the stones fastened with some. At the bottom of a a box two stones and on them — sheets and other.

Shouts and disorders ­ were great also that times of a me in big the. Presbyterians stood resolutely against and methodologists, using very much logic and to prove them their mistakes or at least to force the people to think that they were in a. On the other hand, and methodologists, in turn, tried with the same eagerness to approve the doctrines and to disprove all other.

After that third it again rose on the sky, and I remained one, extraordinariness all endured by me, and here, immediately after the angelic messenger ­ for the third time, started singing a rooster, and I saw that came morning;

Then he told me that when I receive the sheets mentioned by it — time for their did not come yet — I have to to nobody them, ­ a board with Urim and Tummim, except for only those to whom me will be Vedeno them to show, differently I will be destroyed. While he spoke with me about these, in mind we wash vision so I could see that place where sheets were hidden opened, and is so clear and ­ that I learned this place when came to it.

I lay, thinking of this rare phenomenon and very much being surprised to that was told me by this bulletin when, among my reflections, I suddenly saw that my room started over again to be filled with light, and suddenly the same angelic messenger at my bed.

And not only its cloak was an extraordinary whiteness, but it was such gloss which does not give in an, and his face was similar to a lightning. The room was extremely lit, but is not so bright, as round him. on him, I at first, but this fear left me soon.

It was cloudy in a cloak of an extraordinary whiteness, a whiteness similar I never nothing on light, and I am sure that anything terrestrial could not be such whiteness and gloss. Hands were naked above, just as feet are higher than ankles. The head and a neck were also naked, and I could see that on is mute not was other clothes, except its cloak as there was a his breast.